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Miniature work

Here are a few samples of recent works. As the name implies, miniature works are very small - these examples are approximately actual size. With all art, viewing on screen is no substitute for experiencing the real thing. You can find out where to see my work in the About me section, or why not buy a sample pack of my cards!

If you wish to view or purchase originals please contact me on 01330 811342

A red dot indicates works that have been sold.

Cowslip Connoisseurs
Watercolour on Polymin £430
3" x 4" Framed
Gold Citation - TWASI

Sitting in the Salix
Watercolour on Polymin £430
3.25" x 4" Framed

A Splash of Spring
2.5" x 1.5" (image size)
5.5" x 4.5" (framed size)
Watercolour on Polymin
Snowgoose Gallery USA $695

Posing on the Primrose
2.5" x 1.5" (image size)
5.5" x 4.5" (framed size)
Watercolour on Polymin
Snowgoose Gallery USA $695

Designed to Dazzle 1.5"x3" (image size) £395
Watercolour on Polymin


Sugar Rush 1.5"x3" (image size)Sold


It's the Little Things Sold

Purchased from the EWA exhibition site


Native Nuthatches 1.5"x2.5" (image size) £POA
Watercolour on Polymin



Green Hairstreak on Bilberry (commission)Sold
Watercolour on Polymin


Taking a New Path (commission)Sold
Watercolour on Polymin


Radiant Rarity - Marsh FritillarySold
(sold by Snow Goose Gallery)

The Painted Lady Sold
(sold in Snow Goose gallery, Pennsylvania, USA)


The Courting Couple Sold
(sold in Snow Goose gallery, Pennsylvania, USA)

Summer Nectar 1.25" x 1.75"
Watercolour on Polymin £345
(Honourable Mention Floral Category - Parklane Gallery, USA)


The Swallowtail 1.25" x 1.75"
Watercolour on Polymin £345


Another Good Day in the HillsSold


Colour in the Canopy
Watercolour on Polymin £395

Room at the table for a small one? Sold

A Sign of SpringSold


Rosehip Ramblers Sold


This is Tree Sparrow Territory Sold

Pine Dining Sold


The Hedgerow HeistSold

Wren in the Raspberry Patch Sold

Dancing in the BreezeSold

The Happy CoupleSold

Our Regular Robin Sold


Aerial Acrobats, commission Sold

Bobbin Robin Sold


SoldTwinflower study

autumn feast

A Feast of Colour Sold



SoldLove Blossoms 3x4"



SoldDancing in the Dog Roses 3x4"



SoldPassing Through the Pines 3x4"


blues in blossoms

SoldBlues in the Blossoms 3x4"






SoldThe Common Couple



SoldResting on the Rocks


SoldSpeckled Friends
(also published in the Artist & Illustrators
30th Anniversary Souvenir Edition)



Brothers and the Sisters w/colour on ivorine 35x70mm £475
(used to promote Aberdeen Art Fair)


SoldEarly Morning Mists


SoldTaking in the View


holly blue
pearl bordered

SoldHolly and the Ivy


SoldPearl Bordered Fritillary on Ragged Robin
(winner of Sponsored Award at Parklane Gallery USA)




SoldSitting in the Cherry Blossom


SoldPretty Peacocks
SoldMorning View From Glas Maol w/colour on ivorine
SoldPainted Lady on Bramble Flower

The Beautiful Blue sold
(second prize opaque watercolour MASF 2018)


soldGraceful Fritillary on Cinquefoil 40x30mm


Blue on Birds Foot Trefoil 40x30mm £210


SoldThe Precious Copper 40x30mm


soldTaking a Stroll W/colour on Polymin


soldWalking Tall W/colour on Polymin


King of the Cuillins
King of the Cuillins

The Summer Visitor 25x60mm £300
(MASF Third Prize for Transparent Watercolour)


Sold Ptarmigan on Liathach £495
(also published in the Leisure Painter)


King of the Cuillins
King of the Cuillins
High Tea at Balmoral 40x70mm £495
SoldHolding the Fort - Bennachie


Bluetit on Bramble


Jenny Wren on Bramble

SoldBluetit on Bramble
SoldJenny Wren on Bramble


Barn Owl



Seldom Seen (Tawny Owl) 70x40mm sold
Great Spotted Woodpecker sold


Green Hairstreak


Tortoiseshell on Cornflower

SoldGreen Hairstreak 3x3cm
SoldTortoiseshell on Cornflower 3x3cm


Lone Ranger


Kings of the Canyon

The Lone Ranger 40x70mm £495

Kings of the Canyon 40x70mm £495
(Honourable Mention award- Parklane gallery USA)
(Third in the category of Landscape at MASF USA)


A Rare View


Dunottar Dwellers

SoldA Rare View
SoldDunottar Dwellers


King of the Cuillins


Territory Fighters

SoldKing of the Cuillins
Sold Territory Fighters 40x70mm £395


All work and images on this site are copyright of Jenny Musker. The artist retains ownership of copyright for all original works. Any duplication of artists works is strictly prohibited without prior consent of the copyright owner. To commission works or purchase alternative rights to use these images please contact Jenny Musker